Our Story

Imagine a place where everyone around you is someone you’d want to spend time with —

no one talks your ear off, no one gets on your nerves, no one’s trying to scam you or network with you or use you. A place where the beer is cold, the whiskey is smooth, the food is simple and good, and a lodge that looks like the home of your dreams; the deer look like modern day gladiators, the exotic animals are massive, and the pigs look like something out of Jurassic Park.

A place where you can shoot automatic weapons, play some pool, whatever you want.

Where you can bring your kids to ride four wheelers while you hunt, or let them try and hunt “Jurassic Pork.” Or you can just kick back and murder the largemouth and two pound shell cracker bream we have like Bill Dance and Roland Martin used to do when they were kids. You could shoot an exotic, a trophy whitetail and a pig and — if you still want to take home more meat — you can quail or duck hunt. The only thing we can’t do for you would be pull the trigger or release the arrow!